What to Expect When Your Muggo Arrives

August 18, 2020

Spoiler alert! For those that revel in the excitement and suspense of opening a gift, this post is not for you. For those with an unquenchable appetite to know all, keep scrolling. 

We get it, you’re excited and can’t wait to get your hands on your new Muggo Self-Heating Travel Mug. We would be too. While you’re waiting for the coveted delivery to arrive, let us give you a sneak preview of what to expect. 

Sleek and modern just like it’s contents, the carefully considered packaging was designed to efficiently package and protect your mug without wasted space or materials. 

Inside, you’ll find the mug and lid snug in the center of the package. Be sure to read the additional care and use instructions inside the mug. Make sure to read all of the provided information before using your Muggo for the first time. 

Next, you’ll pull out the dual-charging coaster from its sleeve. Make sure to take a look at the quick-start guide with easy instructions for operating your Muggo for the first time. 

Muggo’s removable, magnetic battery can be placed directly on the dual-charging coaster to charge, or can also be connected to the mug to heat and charge at the same time. If you’ve purchased more than one Muggo, you can also charge two batteries at the same time, heat two mugs at the same time or heat and charge two mugs at the same time! Keep in mind, charging more than one device at a time may slow down charge time. Muggo comes with two power options; One USB-C cord to plug into a laptop or other USB power port and one AC wall adaptor.   

Before your first use, make sure to take the following steps in addition to reading all instructions:

1. Wash the mug and lid with warm water and a mild soap or dish detergent. Make sure remove the battery before washing and do not to soak or fully submerge in water. Press the center of the lid to rinse it in both the open and closed positions. 

2. Fully charge the battery before the first use. The dual-charging coaster will illuminate blue when fully charged and all four indicator lights on the battery will illuminate. 

3. Once your Muggo has been cleaned and charged, you’re ready to fill with your favorite warm beverage and enjoy every sip at the perfect temperature with your self-heating travel mug!

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